Proud moments

The focus for me is for feeling proud of the things that I achieve, and to be specific about them. So for accountability, I thought I would write three (3) things today ☺️ #1 This past week I have taken my dogs for two (2) walks in the morning. I am proud of this as … More Proud moments

Small specific achievements – proud moments

A depressive moment has hit since yesterday. I attended therapy yesterday and I’m going through another shift. I haven’t been able to acknowledge pride about specific achievements for myself about things I’ve done well, when I’ve got something right or just completing something. The reason for this is because my mother used to take my … More Small specific achievements – proud moments

Australian Fires

By now you would know that Australia has been hit with some pretty devastating bush fires this summer. We still have months to go of the hot and dry weather. Where the big fires are, I do not live close to. At the start of November there was a bush fire close to where I … More Australian Fires

First day back …

It’s the first day back to my normal routine today. Back to work, counselling, parenting group and the rest. After having a break it’s so important to stick back with a routine. Routine is one key tool for self-care for my emotional health. By continuing my routine through my holidays, I have managed to journal … More First day back …

Financial goals

This post is about to get personal and uncomfortable for me. This year my main goals are completely financially motivated. You see I started 2020 with $1.50 in my bank account. Luckily I was paid on the 2nd, but I live month to month and have done so my entire life. I don’t save. I … More Financial goals